Japanese Sencha Loose Tea Tin, 50g

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Introducing Fortnum's first Japanese Sencha Tea available in a tin. This wonderfully delicate Japanese Sencha has a fresh yet deep aroma, reminiscent of freshly cut grass with a balanced and smooth umami flavour emanating from a dark glossy green leaf.

This spring grown 'first flush' tea is from Japan's mountainous Shizuoka prefecture, which is a region famed for its fertile volcanic soils, with the leaves being gently steamed in order to produce the perfect Sencha. Best brewed using our Kinto Kyusu Porcelain Teapot.

This delicate tea is best enjoyed hot, cold or ambient brewed at room temperature and lasts for multiple infusions throughout the day.

Did you know? ‘Sencha’ translates to Steamed Tea and is Japan’s most popular tea.

Dimensions: 10cm(H) x 13cm(W) x 9cm(D)